Chip[s] Board® can be made as flat sheets or custom moulded pieces, allowing continual experimentation for new product lines, from bespoke furniture to biodegradable cutlery. Our key objective is to develop product that require no toxic glues or other fixtures (unless the fixtures can be easily removed and transferred to a new product) allowing for reduced environmental impact and easy dismantle when sent off to decompose. We develop our products both in-house and in collaboration with other designers so send us a message if you are interested in working with us.


Concept Furniture

dismantled 2.jpg

Our first product design was our take on a traditional milk stool, using CNC’d sheets and a slot together construction. The stool stays fixed in place once assembled, but for added durability a single bolt or potato based glue can be applied to prevent accidental dismantle.

We are currently in the process of designing a new selection of furniture in collaboration with Kingston University graduates and a selection of other restaurants and design collectives.

Disposable Cutlery


As Chip[s] Board® is sourced from the byproduct of chip manufacturing we thought developing a series of disposable cutlery for fish & chip shops and other food stalls was a must. The designs have been tried and tested by ourselves, but we are still in the process of getting the material food safe certified before launching for public consumption.