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  • Our name, Chip[s] Board®, comes from Chips (as in the food) and board (a sheet material) as a play on Chipboard the wood product.

  • Please ensure to use the square brackets around the [s] as they are part of our trademark and have become a mark of quality, sustainability and circular design in our production.

  • There are no edible potato chips in our products. We use non-food-grade industrial potato waste in production.

  • We don't make cutlery or food packaging today.

  • We make bio-plastics and bio-plastic composites. These both come under the product name Parblex.

If you aren't sure about a fact, please contact us to check your piece before it is published. It’s more likely we will share stories and promote publications if the information is 100% accurate.


Material Samples

Parblex™ glasses prototype created in collaboration with Cubitts

Parblex™ composite Samples 001

Parblex™ composite Samples 002

Made with #chipsboard

Royal Society of Art, Pupil Design Awards (badges)

Parblex Button (© Isabel Fletcher 2018 - Offcut One)

Parblex Button on Sofa Cushion


Chip[s] Board co-founders discussing samples