Our Story


Chip[s] Board® was created through the combination of our passion for sustainable design and fascination to explore experimental material processes. Having met while studying at Kingston University, co-founders Rowan Minkley and Rob Nicoll, collaborated on a series of projects throughout the course before discovering Chip[s] Board® in their final year. The decision to work on a biomaterial came from observing the way Chipboard and MDF were used as completely disposable materials by the university as it is cheaper to buy new sheets than store offcuts and products that have served their initial purpose.  

Inspired by the disposable nature these materials are used we set out to develop an alternative materials that could biodegrade instead of being sent to landfill. After a year of continual experimentation (and having our housemates endure the lovely smell of rotting potatoes) we decided to take the project out into the real world after successful response during an incubator programme.