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Chip[s] Board® have developed a range of innovative and sustainable circular economy materials using potato waste.

We are the sole distributor worldwide and sell directly to Brands, Designers, Students and Makers who create products in line with our vision for a more sustainable future.

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Chip[s] Board® composites are a range of sheet materials developed using bioplastics and natural reinforcers.

Parblex™ Plastics are pure or fiber reinforced bioplastic for injection moulding, 3D printing and milling products.

To get some inspiration from current users see our Products page. 

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Chip[s] Board® Composites [CBC]

Chip[s] Board® Composites are a range of bioplastic composites developed using natural reinforcers. Particularly suited to visual merchandising, interior, product and surface design.

Available in a range of natural pigments to remove the need for further painting or sealing, reducing labour costs and environmental impacts.

Material specification here

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Parblex™ Plastics [PBX]

Parblex™ Plastics are translucent pure or fiber reinforced bioplastic with incredible surface finish and durability for fashion and interior design.

Compatible with injection moulding, 3D printing, milling and other industrial processing techniques.

Material specification here

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All materials developed by Chip[s] Board® are durable, recyclable and biodegradable. They contain no toxic chemicals and have been designed specifically to create a stronger circular economy for materials.

For more details see our responsibility page.

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