Modern day materials have become readily disposable, yet haven’t been designed with a circular design approach. We believe in creating products that enable companies and individuals to achieve sustainability goals, without having to sacrifice on cost or performance; starting with Chip[s] Board.

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Chip[s] Board

Chip[s] Board® is a potato based material designed to eradicate the use of highly toxic and non recyclable man made boards such as MDF and Chipboard. Chip[s] Board® can be machined using all the same processes as MDF, yet can also hold a thread and is slightly more water resistant. As the material doesn’t contain any carcinogenic chemicals like formaldehyde the dust particulates are less toxic to work with, and the boards wont leach chemicals into the air if left unsealed.


Circular Design

As a sustainably driven product we are working hard to ensure all stages of production keep to our ethos of working with the planet. To ensure this ethos we only use waste potato scraps from chip manufacturers and other heavy potato users such as Poppies Fish & Chip shops. Our aim as we upscale the manufacturing process is to run all the machinery using 100% renewable sources, and reduce our water consumption by using grey water recycling systems wherever possible. Once a product has reached the end of its life span small products can be put into a compost bin, while larger pieces are sent to an industrial composting facility ready to help grow new produce.