Social Media Intern

Location: Leyton, London

Starting Date: No defined date

Reports to: CMO & Marketing Advisor

Workload: 1-2 d/w

About Our Company

Chip[s] Board® is a biomaterial innovation company, focusing on bringing sustainable circular economy materials to mass markets. We have now become established as a pioneering brand in the biomaterial industry. Our materials are all developed using industrial food waste as replacements for harmful plastics used in everyday products. We have particular focus on durable materials for the fashion and interior design markets.

Chip[s] Board® is a fast moving company and the successful candidate will join our core team as we grow. Joining our team is an exciting opportunity and every member needs key specialist skills to ensure we are growing smartly.


Your role will be to create content for Chip[s] Board’s multiple social media platforms, visually representing the brand and its ethics. You will be working closely with every member of the team telling the story of our company as we quickly grow.


  • Create content for social media platforms

  • Create content for email campaigns, blogs and website

  • Managing content posting on all platforms

Skills & Requirements

  • Good social media knowledge and skills

  • Content creation skills (eg. creative writing, photography, editing)

  • Strong communication skills, be a great story teller

  • Adobe Suite Skills (Photoshop, InDesign, Lightroom, Premier Pro)

  • Sharp time management skills

  • BA degree in graphic design or other associated

  • Passion for sustainable and environmental business ideals

If interested please send a cover letter and CV to

Application’s always open.