Production Officer

Location: Shepherds Bush, London

Starting Date: February/March 2019

Reports to: CPO (& CTO)

Workload: Part time (Monday - Friday 10am - 6:30pm)

About Our Company

Chip[s] Board® is a biomaterial innovation company, focusing on bringing sustainable circular economy materials to mass markets. We have now become established as a pioneering brand in the biomaterial industry with our brand Chip[s] Board®. Our first materials are all developed using industrial potato waste as replacements for harmful plastics and particulate boards used in every day products.

Chip[s] Board® is a fast moving company and the successful candidate will join our core team as we grow. Joining our team is an exciting opportunity and every member needs key specialist skills to ensure we are growing smartly.


We’re looking for a maker with a scientific background to transform research from bench-top into real benches (etc). Our production officer will be responsible for hands on prototyping of our materials and products, as well as work closely with the entire R&D team to synthesise novel applications for our materials and creative solutions to unforeseen bottlenecks in our processes.


  • Aid the R&D team with production of samples

  • Build jigs and scale machinery to improve outputs and efficiency

  • Build prototype products using early material samples

  • Work with beta-testers to put materials into real world applications

  • Assist the team leader in establishing project objectives related to formulation workflows and provide estimated timelines

  • Work with the marketing department for bigger collaborations with industry clients (live briefs)

  • Coordinate with the team in planning experiments to meet the project deadlines

  • Communicate the progress and data analysis in the form of technical reports

  • Evaluate the applications of current materials

  • Set parameters for machinery use with materials eg optimum laser cutter settings

  • Maintain workshop and lab safety and provide safety guidance to researchers in the lab

Skills & Requirements

  • MSc/MA with a background in engineering/industrial design/chemistry/biology

  • Well-developed independent research skills

  • Lab experience optional

  • In-depth knowledge of BSEN & CE marking

  • Knowledge of plastic production and associated machinery

  • Incredible gabrication abilities for jigs, scaled machines and innovative products

  • High level CNC competence

  • Adobe Suite skills

  • High level rendering and modeling abilities

  • Ability to work in fast-paced startup environment and manage multiple tasks simultaneously

  • Effective written and oral communication skills

If interested please send a cover letter and CV to

Application deadline February 28th