Brand Guidelines

Here at Chip[s] Board® we believe potato waste is the power behind our brand, and we want to make it as easy as possible for you to share that power.

To do this we have put together this short guide of general rules for you to use when integrating any visual Chip[s] Board asset. Consistent use of these assets will help reference and protect the company trademark.

Our Logo

We are proud of our logo. Identifiable and instantly recognisable, it’s the touch point of all things Chip[s] Board.

Because of this, we kindly ask that you follow a few simple guidelines to make sure it both works and looks great.

Chip[s] Board text red.png

Icons and Use

In the event that the Chip[s] Board brand has already been clearly established, it’s ok to simply use

the icon on its own. While the icon can exist without the name title, the name title can never exist without the icon.

Icon Logos.jpg

The Chip[s] Board red logo, above left, is our primary logo colour-way. It can be used on white or black backgrounds as well as light full colour photography.

For any other background, a monochromatic logo colour-way should be used.

For instance:

  • The black logo should be used on a light or pale coloured background

  • The white logo should be used on a dark or coloured coloured background

  • The grey logo’s can only be used if none of the logo colour-ways are suitable

Icon Use.jpg


Whenever the Chip[s] Board logo or icon are in use, they should remain clear and consistent within their placing. They must have a clear all around exclusion zone with a minimum of half the height of the logo or the icon. To keep the logo and icon clearly recognisable, they should also be kept to their originally intended proportions.

Logo Spacing.jpg

Our Colours

To keep the Chip[s] Board brand consistent, we have put together a colour pallet that all brand assets including logos, icons and type must adhere to.

Colour Swatch.jpg

Our Font

For continued ease of legibility, Chip[s] Board use the font Avenir Next in both Regular and Demi Bold.

Avenir Next Demi Bold is for use as headers, subheaders, titles and stand alone pieces of text. Avenir Next Regular is for body text and captions.

Avenir Next Demi Bold can be used in any of the colour ways, while Avenir Next Regular must always be monochromatic unless a hyperlink is attached.

Leading, Kerning and Tracking must not be overly condensed, this is to ensure clear easily legible text.

Text Use.jpg

Our Imagery

Chip[s] Board imagery for press releases can be found in our press kit. This imagery can be used within press releases but copyright must either be placed in the image caption or at the bottom of the page. As with with our logo and icon use, modification of imagery is not allowed without written consent from Chip[s] Board ltd.

Image caption

Image © 2016–2018 Chip[s] Board® ltd all rights reserved.

Footer caption

Images © 2016–2018 Chip[s] Board® ltd all rights reserved.

Parblex Button on Sofa Cushion (Above Image) © 2016–2018 Chip[s] Board® ltd all rights reserved.

Parblex Button on Sofa Cushion (Above Image) © 2016–2018 Chip[s] Board® ltd all rights reserved.


Our Content

As Chip[s] Board is still a small and independent company we ask that all press releases regarding Chip[s] Board must be screened and confirmed by Rowan Minkley, CEO & Co-Founder of Chip[s] Board LTD before release to the public. All assets are the sole property of Chip[s] Board LTD.

Thank You!

Thank you from the Chip[s] Board team for your support and consideration in using these guidelines.