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"Finding a better use for potato waste is the holy grail for the potato processing industry."

— Nick Vermont, Retired Regional CEO, McCain Foods (GB) Ltd


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Chip[s] Board® was developed in response to the environmental impacts of readily disposable materials

The journey of Chip[s] Board began during the studies and freelance work of co-founders Rowan Minkley and Robert Nicoll. Working across a range of design and fabrication projects the founders were both overwhelmed by the lack of value given to materials and the sheer disposability they have after such short lifespans.

Inspired to find a new solution they sought to develop a new material that if treated in the same disposable manor wouldn’t have the enormous environmental impact currently generated by material disposal.



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"Circular Economy should be the starting point when designing new products and materials."

— Rowan Minkley, CEO & co-founder


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